Pita de Mos

The price per unit of day-old chickens of the "galiña de Mos" breed is 1 euro. For this, those interested must be registered as a livestock farm (REGA).

Pita de Mos, is an endangered species, are being bred on the farm that the Provincial Council of Ourense has in Valverde-Allariz.

It is a very rustic breed, which adapts very well to any type of terrain and atmospheric conditions. It is a mixed breed, that is, with a good meat yield and an acceptable egg production.

Since the start of the recovery programme, more than 500 dozen chickens between 1 and 2 weeks old have been put up for sale.


  • Plumage: Bright, abundant and compact.
  • Eggs: Minimum 50 g, with light brown shell.
  • Weight: Rooster from 3.5 to 4 kg.; hen from 2.5 to 3 kg.



  • Head: rather small and well shaped.
  • Crest: In pea, with three longitudinal rows of papillae or well-defined points, red, less developed in the chicken.
  • Bill: Red, small, with fine texture, smooth, with the bottom edge well rounded, being smaller in the hen.
  • Neck: Slender and robust, rather long, erect, well feathered and well attached to the body, with abundant slaves floating on the back.
  • Pescozo: Wide, deep, long, slightly inclined towards the tail.
  • Trunk: ancho, profundo, longo, lixeiramente inclinado cara á cola.
  • Chest: Wide, deep and prominent, large capacity, more rounded in the chicken.
  • Tail:Small in size, the caudal sickles are short, slightly exceeding the rudder feathers that are wide and overlapping. 45º angle on the horizontal.
  • Abdomen: Large.
  • Colouring of the plumage.

Rooster: The whole plumage is griffon with a light mahogany-red hue, the slave is lighter than the rest of the mantle.

Hen: The plumage of the body is griffon, with intense griffon-colored slave. Serious defects.

The slightest sign of white in the plumage; black feathers on the mantle; black feathers on the neck.