Agroforestry Center


-Advice on the process of a new chestnut tree plantation, which could be divided into 4 phases:

  • Phase 1: Search for the most suitable plot if this is the case, clearing of the plot if necessary, preparation of the soil, fertilisation before planting, drilling holes to place the plant...
  • Phase 2: Planting (advice on choosing the most suitable plant for the area, closing/protecting plants).
  • Phase 3: Maintenance of the plantation, pruning, sprouting, watering if necessary, fertilisation, mechanisation of the chestnut harvesting. 
  • Phase 4: Detection of possible pests and diseases that may affect them, as well as the possible treatments that can be carried out.

Processing of applications for treatment against chestnut tree cancer (Cryphonectria parasitica).Cryphonectria parasitica)
Responsible declarations/authorisations for timber and woody exploitation in forests or forest land.
Promotion and delivery of talks/courses related to the chestnut tree.
Collection of soil samples for subsequent analysis at the "Centro de Desarrollo Agroganadero".
Placement of traps to determine the extent of incidence of certain insects that can damage the chestnut tree.
Everything related to the agreement that we have signed with the Xunta de Galicia over the years.


  1. Surveillance and fight against chestnut tree diseases and native hardwoods of special interest (Location/detection and monitoring of the actions). of special interest (Location/detection and monitoring of the actions). de especial interese (Localización/detección e seguimento das actuacións)
  2. Carrying out training actions.
  3.  Support for the continuous forest inventory of Galicia (Collaboration with the University of Vigo).
  4. Good governance (Actions for the regulation of MVMC, in groups for its constitution, mass to add in the register or mapped traditional forest.
  5.  Participatory forum.

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Centro de desenvolvemento agroforestal