Native races

Inorde Requirements

Inorde and the Department of Rural Environment of the Xunta de Galicia renew their collaboration agreement to continue with the implementation of certain activities for the "ex situ" conservation of the native animal genetic resources of Galicia in danger of extinction such as: the Galician sheep, the Galician goat and the Celtic pig. By signing this document, Inorde undertakes to keep these specimens, in the livestock facilities of the Armariz farm, in Nogueira de Ramuín, so you must have a flock of Galician sheep with a minimum of 100 females, another of Galician goat with 30 females and Celtic pig with a minimum of 16 females.

The herds will be supplemented at mating time with the males needed to perform directed crossings of minimum consanguinity to maintain genetic variability. To this end, the provincial agency will launch a specific breeding program for each species to multiply the number of animals in each. It will also manage the distribution of surplus animals to farmers who request samples of these breeds and will facilitate support to breeders' associations in the maintenance or creation of germplasm banks.

Inorde, as an autonomous body under the Provincial Council of Ourense, continues to work on one of the tasks entrusted to it for "to promote the integral and balanced development of rural areas in the province of Ourense through different actions", recalled the president of Inorde, Rosendo Fernández Among these activities, It should be noted not only this program of recovery of native breeds, but also the support to the livestock sector of the province through training, advice and research carried out at the Agricultural Development Center of Xinzo.


The agreement entered into force upon signature and will be effective until 31 August 2025. The total cost of the activities covered by this document amounts to 440,000 euros, which will be financed by 50% by Inorde (220,000 euros) and the other 50% by the Ministry of Rural Affairs with which it will compensate the Inorde for facilitating the implementation of these actions broken down in the different annuities.

Thus, in 2023, the Ministry of Rural Environment and Inorde will contribute 80,000 euros each in 2023, the same amount in 2024 and 60,000 euros in 2025, making a total of 220,000 euros each administration until mid-2025.

Inorde opens a deadline for farmers to acquire native breeds.

The bases that regulate the sale of these copies were approved by the Executive Committee of this body on February 15 and published today in the Official Journal of the Province.

The animals that can be purchased are: Hen of Mos, Celtic Pig, Sheep and Galician Goat.

The price per unit of day-old chickens of the "galiña de Mos" breed is 1 euro. For this, those interested must be registered as a livestock farm (REGA).


Mos hen

Pita de Mos, is an endangered species, are being bred on the farm that the Provincial Council of Ourense has in Valverde-Allariz.

Galician Goats

The price will be 60 euros per animal for females over six months old registered in the herd book, and 40 euros for sheep under six months old and 45 euros for goats under six months...

Celtic Pork

The sale of Celtic pigs shall be in maximum batches per applicant per year of 4 units of pregnant or breeding sows and 1 unit of boars...

Ovella galega

Finca de Armariz – Nogueira de Ramuín